Talk about struggling!! I finally got myself together and then the Holidays/Boston hit...BAM!!! Now I'm back to losing, I swear, the same 15 lbs. again. So here are the stats...I started Weight Watchers again on December 27th and so far my grand total is 3.6 lbs. lost. So sad when I see it that way! Usually the week I start is that amount not the grand total for the month, but I have really struggled with the eating healthy part. With their new system I am completely lost. I mean, I understand the changes, it's the implementation part that's killing me. Oh why couldn't I have been born with one of those bodies that would let me eat whatever I want?!? My Brother-in-law is that way and let me tell you I envy him :)

So enough of that rant and moving on! Exercise has never been hard for me and I have stepped up my game! I'm thinking this is why my loss for the month wasn't as high. You know gaining muscle and all of that. I work out at Curves and I live for that place! I started in 2003 and have never looked back. Granted I have taken many leaves of absence over the years or just went 1-2 times a week during lazy times. But to really bite this weight loss in the bud I started again full force. So what does that mean...4-5 times a week. Plus they've implemented a Zumba/Curves workout that is just awesome!!! I have also started walking with a friend a couple of times a week. I can't really count it as exercise, but it is nice to get out and chat! And the big I still running? That's a big fat no!! I'm hoping to start back soon though. One of the benefits with The Hubby's job is a membership to Gold's Gym. It expired at the end of December and I'm patiently waiting for them to renew it. I know I could run outside, but there is something about running on a treadmill in front of a giant movie screen that helps pass the time. About now you're probably wondering why I pay for Curves when I have a paid membership to Gold's...well, it's the workout. I can't beat it anywhere else and being finished in 30 minutes...bonus!!

Geez, when I write it all down I seem a little crazy!! But if you could see how I eat you would understand why I need to workout so much ;) I love me some chocolate oh and movie popcorn, YUMMY!

Okay so goals for next week....I haven't stayed within my points range since I started so that is goal #1. And goal #2 I am going to plan a daily menu. I really think that will help me stick to the plan and keep my away from all the munchies! Wish me luck!!!
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